Travelling involves exploring new places, meeting with new people, making new friends and gaining new experiences. Because of travelling one gets to know deeply about the history, culture and background etc of the people of a certain place. According to studies, travelling also improves the overall health of an individual. Hence travelling as a therapy

Winters in the Himalayas normally range between 10 degrees to around -10 degrees especially during nights. Surviving this much cold is not an easy task but if proper precautions are followed then it would become one of the best amazing experiences. However, some people do tend to get sick and face problems like Mountain sickness, frostbite and

Trekking is becoming a lifestyle nowadays for which you need proper equipment and gear. While trekking, your trek shoes are your best friend and they are among the key part of the hiking/trekking kit. Wearing proper shoes plays a major role in maintaining the correct walking technique and prevents injury. You simply cannot comfortably go

Trekking as a sport activity is gaining huge popularity as more and more people are becoming nature lovers. Trekking is a soft-adventure sport which involves walking and exploring a certain area and enjoying the mesmerizing scenery en-route. Anyone with moderate level of fitness can go for trekking. Climbing up and down the mountains and exploring

Acute Mountain sickness or AMS is considered as one of the most common hurdles faced by trekkers, hikers and mountaineers. If not handled properly it can become a nightmare. To counter it proper acclimatization procedure is needed. Let’s understand what is Mountain sickness? The pressure that surrounds us is called barometric pressure. As we reach