Acute Mountain sickness or AMS is considered as one of the most common hurdles faced by trekkers, hikers and mountaineers. If not handled properly it can become a nightmare. To counter it proper acclimatization procedure is needed. Let’s understand what is Mountain sickness? The pressure that surrounds us is called barometric pressure. As we reach

Just thinking about the winters brings chills to our bodies and describing the Himalayan winters is like being inside a deep freezer. In pictures the snow clad mountains looks amazing but the reality is far away from this, as during winters the temperature in the Himalayas easily reaches around -10 degrees especially during nights. Hence,

Trekking in mountains can be fun and challenging at the same time. If you have the right preparation, right mindset, right knowledge and right equipment, it can prove to be a fruitful experience. Here are a few points which if followed, can provide a pleasing trekking experience. Things to do before and during trek: Exercise