Winters in the Himalayas normally range between 10 degrees to around -10 degrees especially during nights. Surviving this much cold is not an easy task but if proper precautions are followed then it would become one of the best amazing experiences. However, some people do tend to get sick and face problems like Mountain sickness, frostbite and

Trekking includes long and strenuous journey to the areas where transportation is not easily available. Trekking is a team activity but some nature enthusiasts prefer going solo which involves being out on the trail all by yourself. Trekking/hiking alone can be rewarding in many ways as it enhances :- Outdoor skills – When you are

Trekking as a sport activity is gaining huge popularity as more and more people are becoming nature lovers. Trekking is a soft-adventure sport which involves walking and exploring a certain area and enjoying the mesmerizing scenery en-route. Anyone with moderate level of fitness can go for trekking. Climbing up and down the mountains and exploring

Trekking has become quite popular these days and the numbers of trekking freaks are increasing day by day. For trekking the mountains play a vital role as they provide us varieties of places to explore along with the flora and fauna which makes our trekking memorable, enjoyable and beautiful. The majestic Himalayas comprise the most