Qualities of a Good Trekker

Trekking as a sport activity is gaining huge popularity as more and more people are becoming nature lovers. Trekking is a soft-adventure sport which involves walking and exploring a certain area and enjoying the mesmerizing scenery en-route. Anyone with moderate level of fitness can go for trekking. Climbing up and down the mountains and exploring the unexplored areas provides challenge to the adventure junkies. To be a good trekker one should try to imbibe these qualities :-

Good fitness is mandatory for a trekker. Trekking involves climbing up and down mountains and for this physical stamina is required. If a person is fit, then only he/she would be able to trek comfortably.

Believes in Sharing
A good trekker is always ready to share and give whether it is sharing their water, lunch or trekking gear. It is never a big deal for him/her.

Good Team Player
Trekking is a team game and a good trekker always believes in team spirit. He/she is always ready to motivate and encourage fellow trekkers in every condition.

Good Learner
‘Learning is a life long experience’ and a good trekker immensely believes in it. He/she might be trekking from the past ten years but even today he/she is always ready to learn something new.

Positive Attitude
Remaining positive is another important quality of a good trekker. However bad the situation might be, he/she always remains positive and finds his/her way out of the problem.

Healthy Eating
A good trekker always believes in healthy eating. While trekking he eats frugally and avoids heavy eating. He/she also believes in getting the extra energy from the task itself.

Humbleness towards Nature
Being humble is another valueable quality of a good trekker. They show their humbleness towards everything Mother Nature offers be it snow capped mountains, wild forests, waterfalls, wildlife, mountainous flora and fauna etc.

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